About Hallie Hill

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 that provides a safe haven for animals with no other home or shelter. We prepare animals for adoption by providing respite, rehabilitation and socialization. For those animals whose chances of adoption are reduced due to age, medical or emotional issues, Hallie Hill provides a loving Forever Home with the proper shelter, nutrition and medical care. While we can’t change an animal’s past, our mission is to rewrite their future.

Hallie Hill helps Charleston to achieve the status of a No-Kill Community by working with local shelters and rescues to take in dogs that might not get adopted due to age, medical or behavioral issues.

What we do:

  1. Provide respite and rehabilitation for dogs and cats preparing them for adoption, and a loving forever home to those unable to be adopted.
  2. Perform community outreach in our area of Hollywood and Ravenel, two of the under served areas of Charleston County.
  3. Provide food, medical services, spay/neuter, vaccinations and general wellness care.
  4. Provide long-term care and a loving, final home for those animals whose adoption may be difficult due to age, medical or emotional issues.
  5. Reinforce the human component of the human/canine/feline relationship in a respectful way by recognizing and honoring the fact that people’s love for their animals transcends economic circumstances and cultural differences.

Clicking the button below will bring you directly to the Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary Donation page. If you are fortunate to have a little more than most please consider donating.

Hallie Hill Property

Hallie Hill has over 30 acres of land with large enclosures for dogs to live and play. Our facility features a pond for swimming, dog houses with straw and heat lamps, bedding and individual pools to help keep animals comfortable.

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