JAPAN. Takashi Murakami is a Japanese artist who started his career drawing inspiration from Manga and Anime. He paints what are now very recognizable characters that he has created such as DOB, smiley flowers, mushrooms etc. His work is extremely vibrant and Murakami has transcended the contemporary art world by offering everyday as well as luxury items. In addition to collaborating with iconic brands and his work is exhibited in prestigious art galleries and in museum collections around the world. Murakami is responsible for creating the “Superflat” method which uses bright colors and incorporates Japanese popular as well as traditional culture. Part of the philosophy of the Superflat method is for Murakami to take ideas that are considered to be highbrow and present them in affordable mediums such as cushions and take lowbrow ideals and package them as high art. Murakami has established a company that helps new artists, produces shows internationally and his artwork as well.

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    takashi murakami scenery with a rainbow in the midst print


    SCENERY WITH A RAINBOW IN THE MIDST (Flower Ball) Item Details


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