ONECUT Cut Commander (Record)
banksy one cut cut commander record showing back cover
banksy one cut cut commander record showing other side of record with banksy art
banksy one cut cut commander record showing one side of vinyl record


ONECUT Cut Commander (Record)


Ultra rare One Cut Cut Commander record with Banksy Artwork on cover.
Has large image of Banksy tank on front cover.
Released in 1998, this is a very early example of Banksy artwork.
Back cover has rare Banksy logo design.
Printed with “Cover and title art by Banksy” on back cover as well.
Hombre Records was based in Bristol, England same as Banksy in those years. Banksy designed covers for ONE CUT and Hombre Records.

Certificate of Authenticity issued by our gallery included.

CONDITION: Cover sleeve is near very good condition. Vinyl is very good. Sleeve has ring mark, edge and corner wear. These do not effect the main image which is very good. 1up is faded on top right corner. Back has ring mark and price sticker on bottom. Vinyl may have hairline scratches due to age and handling.
12.2 inches x 12.2 inches
31 cm x 31 cm

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