BANKSY POW Pictures on Walls Skull Logo Sticker (Pink)


BANKSY POW Pictures on Walls Skull Logo Sticker (Pink)


Iconic skull and paintbrushes logo sticker of the legendary Pictures on Walls (POW), London print house.
Pink skull with magenta background.
Released circa 2004 they were produced in numerous colors.
Pictures on Walls, the now legendary print house, featured many amazing street artists like Banksy and was started by a collective of artists in 2003. They closed in 2017.
These were never offered for sale by POW. They were given with the purchase of a print from them and could also be acquired by visiting them in London, UK.
Although Banksy is widely credited with creating the logo for POW it has been reported that he also collaborated with Paul Insect on the design.
Comes float framed (not stuck) ready to display in included clear acrylic block frame as shown.

5 inches x 5 inches framed
12.7 cm x 12.7 cm framed
CONDITION: Sticker is in excellent unused condition. Frame is new.

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