INVADER Art4Space (3D Print)
invader art4space 3d print with 3d glasses
invader art4space 3d print showing bottom right of print with invader signature
invader art4space 3d print showing bottom left with invader emboss and edition number
invader art4space print 3d glasses pictured
showing close up of invader art4space 3d print
invader art4space print back of 3d glasses pictured


INVADER Art4Space (3D Print)


Super rare and complete with original 3D glasses as issued.
Limited edition of only 50 of 3D version made.
Very cool effect when print is viewed with the glasses.
Hand signed by Invader and has Invader emboss with Invader that reads “Made in Space by Invader”.
Image was taken from the Invader movie where Invader put the Invader mosaic pictured in space!
The 3D image adds a very special effect to this print worthy of the special event.
Released in 2013.
A great piece of Street Art and Invader history.

Certificate of Authenticity issued by our gallery included.

CONDITION: Excellent condition. Print may have very light handling marks if any present. Glasses are in excellent condition, stored flat.

11.8 inches x 16.5 inches
42 cm x 30 cm

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