INVADER Invasion Map of Djerba Island (Djerba Map Folded)
invader djerba map unfolded
invader djerba map
invader djerba map back with key
invader djerba map showing Invasion of djerba text
invader djerba map showing bottom right with compass
invader djerba map showing locations of invader street artworks


INVADER Invasion Map of Djerba Island (Djerba Map Folded)


Super cool Invader map designed to look like a pirate treasure map.
Limited edition.
Has the locations of 58 Invader mosaic tile artworks spread over Djerba Island in Tunisia.
Map is #25 in the Invasion guide series.
Printed in colors on both sides.
Offset Lithograph printed in colors.
Released in 2020.

CONDITION: Excellent condition. May show very light signs of handling if any. Shipped folded as issued.
8.27 inches x 4.7 inches folded
16.5 inches x 23.6 inches unfolded
21 cm x 11 cm folded
42 cm x 60 cm unfolded

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